Let’s face it, it’s hard to get an honest critique of your presentations from managers & co-workers.

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It’s not that your managers and co-workers don’t want to tell you that your eyebrow is doing something weird every time you say the word “like”, it’s just that THEY have to work with you every day.

But here’s the problem…everyone keeps SEEING the weird eyebrow thing.

Everyone leaves talking about how weird it is that your eyebrow does that

Your boss seriously considers if they should place you in front of clients with that weird eyebrow thing going on.

AND, the weird eyebrow thing you do doesn’t go away because you don’t know you are doing it, and nobody is brave enough to tell you about it.

What you really need is someone to tell you that you’re doing it and how you can STOP doing it!

In a world that has “lost the ability to communicate” being a high-quality speaker is an easy way to stand out from the crowd. We have also found that those who can command an audience when they speak are more likely to receive promotions & raises. With some simple online training, and a little bit of work on your part, you can take your speaking to the next level and always feel confident speaking regardless of who is in the room. All you need to get started is film your first practice speech and send it to us for review! It’s also REALLY affordable to get started, beginning at only $100 to get a presentation delivery critique! Don’t ever let that Performance Review say “NEEDS IMPROVEMENT” again when it comes to your public speaking.

To help you, genWHY Communication Strategies has put together a team of professional speakers and instructors who have experience in public speaking, as well as evaluating, presentations.

  • Collectively, our University Professors have over 70 years of experience teaching public speaking courses.

  • Our team also includes many Professional Speakers who travel the world speaking on different organizational topics.

  • Our team of experts are diverse in their subject matter and able to assess different speaking styles based on their experiences within the industry. We can even match you with an expert who has worked in your field of industry. ,

STEP 1: Choose your PRODUCTS

Critiques & reports, private public speaking lessons, and online video curriculum are just a few of the things you might like to put in your cart.

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STEP 2: Record yourself PRESENTING

The BEST way to do this is for you to give a NON-CONFIDENTIAL presentation at work and have a co-worker film it (just use your phone-that’s fine). It doesn’t have to be movie quality, but it does need to be full length because we DO need to see your facial expressions and how you move. Can you just do a speech at home in front of your camera? Sure! The down side is we probably won’t see as much about how you react when you’re nervous, which is pretty important in the whole telling you what weird things you do process.

STEP 3: SUBMIT your video

After completing your online purchase, we will send you information regarding logging into the Member Dashboard section of our website where you can upload your video.

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STEP 4: WAIT two weeks

Once you submit your presentation, our experts need to take a look at it, evaluate your strengths and needs, and put it into report form for you.

If you just can’t stand waiting that long you can always add on “Express My Evaluation” to your order. (We know WE couldn’t wait either)


After receiving your critique you’ll want to get better (We HOPE). We offer private lessons via video-chat as well as an online curriculum you can complete on your own time. This is not required by any means, but it’s a way to take your speaking to the next level.

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Want to take your speaking to the NEXT LEVEL? Then complete our path to become certified as a Raven & Crow Speaker.


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Do you need training hours for your professional organization (ex: SHRM, HRCI)? Just reach out to us. We are certified providers.

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